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How To Manifest Your Dreams

There was a time in your past when you felt so happy, peaceful, magnetic, and free. You remember it and you are clinging to it because it's the most addicting experience that you will ever have. You feel out of alignment because you aren't there.

You can describe it as

  • Union with the Creative energy that made you

  • Flow state

  • Non-resistance

  • Surrender

  • Peace

  • Ecstatic bliss

  • Joy

  • Oneness with all that is

  • Rebirth

There are many more ways to describe what I am talking about. I call it all of those things.

I'll bet you have a BEAUTIFUL story of how you manifested something that you really wanted and it came to you in the most synchronistic way. Something that you don't feel like you can really explain to someone else because it felt so magical and maybe almost even unreal.

Being in flow doesn't mean there aren't challenges that arise. Flow is about how you navigate and think about your experience.

There is always something to be grateful for.

You Can Attract Anything That You Desire

If you can dream it, you can achieve it. I know that sounds cliche, but it's true. The greatest gift that humans possess is the ability to visualize something in our mind and then bring it to life (manifestation).

If You Are Suffering, It's Because You're Out Of Alignment

Alignment is when you are living in your values. You are clear on who you are and what you want. You are expressing what you want. You are being honest with yourself and those around you. You are feeling attractive and grateful. Alignment is a genuine sense of "everything is working out for me". Even that dreaded hour-long phone call with your bank or traffic.

Being Out Of Alignment

Feels like you are running your head into a brick wall. You are facing something that is undesirable and recurring. There is resistance. You aren't feeling happy. You might say you're feeling "stuck" or "lost". You might feel like you know what you want and you've always wanted it, but you're so far away. Maybe you feel like it's right in front of you and never attainable.

As long as it's right in front of you, it will be unattainable.

How To Manifest Your Dreams

Helen Hadsell gives you four simple, matter-of-fact rules to EASILY attract everything you've ever dreamed of.

  1. Select- Get specific about what you desire. (Don't worry about the "how")

  2. Project- Launch your desire out into the world.

  3. Expect- Know that it's already on its way to you. TRUST IT. Let go of any doubt.

  4. Collect- Reap the benefits, get your desire. Live your best life.

Abraham Hicks also has many amazing talks on manifesting.

Here's The Message You've Been Looking For

There is no place to be, nothing to do. You are right where you are supposed to be with more wisdom and experience than you've ever had before. You aren't behind at all. You don't need to fix yourself.

Everything you want is on the other side of your mindset shift. Start expecting that things are going the way that you want. EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS WORKING OUT FOR YOU.



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