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Noticing The Emotions

It’s 11:06 Am.

This morning, I have traveled all over the world of emotions. 🌏

When I woke up, I felt peace and joy.

I felt gratitude for the sun shining into the windows. I felt creative. I sat my phone up to record a timelapse of the sunrise (something I intend to catch more of, but I am a night owl)

As I prepared to ready my coffee, I felt concerned as I was running a bit behind. Simultaneously, I felt excitement and gratitude for the new experience. I also felt present.

As I practiced my morning routine, I felt inspired and creative. I felt activated and alive.💃🏼

I started moving my body and receiving spiritual downloads. (Yes, I know how stupid that sounds to some people because there are times when I think it sounds stupid, but IDK how else to put it… they aren’t just regular thoughts… maybe just higher level thoughts.)


The spiritual downloads were like a waterfall of love and kindness washing over my head and all down my body. (Thank you for that, G.U.S. -god/universe/spirit)

In meditation, I heard/felt “You are the most important person on this planet”. Which felt really good. And somehow, not egoic. It was a special moment just for me, and I understand what it meant.

My mind RIGHT AWAY was like “who tf do you think you are??”

I like to call that inner critic “the Enemy”. That’s a Christian concept that I’ve adopted (Although, I might be using it incorrectly lol).

When I identify my inner critic as “the enemy”, I go to war. This "war" satiates my inner warrior.

There’s a clear separation between my higher self and the “enemy” in my mind. (Some philosophies believe there is no separation and everything is all one and connected. Yea of course it’s connected, but if I don’t mentally separate it, I’ll lose my mind and lose control)

I felt a ton just from that thought/experience alone! I was up and down, feeling all the different parts of my body as I experienced this range of emotion and energy.

I opened my eyes for part of the meditation and realized I was face-to-face with a skull candle warmer that was across the way on my TV stand.

My elderly neighbor and friend (Margaret, rest in purpose) died two days ago.

So, death has been on my mind.

I've been around a lot of death and have a unique relationship with it (for an American anyway).

When I looked at this skull, I immediately started crying. Not from sadness. I was crying tears of joy because I was reminded that my life will end. Which means, my life is valuable.

When I think of death, it enhances my life.

I started thinking of my time running out, and that really fucking inspires me to get shit done.

I did some yoga after meditation and felt confident, strong, empowered, creative, and aroused 🤭

I tried to record a serious video on IG and my camera kept zooming all the way in on my mouth!!

I was laughing so hard that I was crying my eyes out!

From 7 am to 11 am, I have experienced probably at least 100 emotions, and maybe 4,000 thoughts. (it was fun to try to put a number on that).

Our Emotions Are Constantly Changing

Emotions are like a fun roller coaster that never ends. Up and down and up and down and up and down. 🎢

It's better to watch the emotions from the sideline. You are not your emotions.

Emotions can take over and ruin our lives if we identify with them (just ask people in prison for violent crimes)

It’s important to notice the emotions because if they are constantly changing, and we are clinging to them or identifying with them- our life will be CHAOS.

Easier said than done, I know.

How many emotions and thoughts are you present with? Could you give me a play-by-play of the emotions you’ve experienced today?

Noticing your emotions will lead to

more peace


emotional intelligence

healthier relationships


Meditation, journaling, and working with a trusted coach/therapist/or spiritual director can really help you to slow down and see yourself.

When we have awareness of ourselves, we become powerful. Even dangerous. We become a threat to everything that is at a lower level of consciousness than we are because we force it into the light. We no longer accept people projecting their emotions or shit onto us. We know and see ourselves clearly.

Take some time today to reflect on the form that you are.

Reflect on your life up to this point.

How did you get where you are?

What needs to change to get where you want to be?

PS- there was a moment of legitimate fear when AI came out. As a writer, this felt like an impossible competition. And, I know that I could use AI to help me… but then I will be feeding the monster of disconnection.

I want to be connected to you. I promise you that I will write all of my own blogs, from my heart. I am also committed to creating more in-person spaces because I know the online connection is hardly comparable to in-person.

Big love, Y’all. Prayers for Hawaii and Ukraine.


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