What Spiritual Wellness Means to Me in This Season

Living a meaningful and purposeful life.

I believe spiritual wellness to be the process of seeking, creating, and living purposefully and meaningfully. Following that little nudge of your heart, doing what inspires you, and taking action towards that which you desire. Showing up with all you got and meeting your needs so that your cup can overflow unto others. Having the courage to sit in stillness and be fully present in the moment with whatever you are experiencing.

This Isn’t the Easy Path

This path is often referred to as the way of the spiritual warrior. As someone who was a “material-world” warrior (Army Military Police), I can tell you- this shit is WAY more difficult.

It was a different kind of difficulty to be hardened and closed off. I was enduring a significant amount of suffering when my heart was closed.

Ignorance isn’t always bliss.

Keeping your heart open without numbing, escaping, or avoiding when things feel like they are threatening can feel nearly impossible. It takes practice, patience, and compassion.

If you are new to practicing these habits, it might feel like you’re literally going to die.

Numbing, getting into fights and defending yourself feel comfortable when that’s your norm. Sitting with discomfort, looking deeply at your patterns, and making changes takes true courage. It's WILDLY uncomfortable at first. You might feel out of place or like a fraud.

On the other side of presence is peace. Just because you're comfortable somewhere, doesn't mean it's peaceful.