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The Path to Alignment

Updated: Sep 3

One of my favorite spots in KC (Shhh, don't tell anyone.)

I frequent here because I love the

  • Music

  • Plants

  • Employees

  • Service

  • Big windows

  • Coffee

  • Customers/Networking

  • Different vibes in different areas

  • Plenty of outlets for charging tech

  • etc.

Today, I came in to visit my friend who is taking off on his own travels! He is moving to Seattle for school and will be deeply missed.

I am writing because I realized that this place is one of my charging stations.

What I mean is, this place energizes me. When I come here, I feel alive, magnetic, creative, open, and playful.

Something about the energy here. It's so good.

Today, I met the Owner of the Aztec Theater AND The owner of A new yoga/Barre studio Called Rythm Cycle Sculpt in Shawnee. I don't believe these high-level connections are happening by coincidence.

A funny side note: I wore the grungiest thing in my closet today because it felt best to me. Despite my tattered 15-year-old crop top tee shirt, I still made high-level connections.

Because I have the whole Barbie look going for me, I think it became important to me that my brains outshined my beauty. That's probably why I dress so comfortably and feel confident in whatever I wear.

My magnetism isn't only stemming from McClains Market. I have RE-unlocked something powerful and I want to share it with the world.

Now, I have stepped OUT OF suffering and into this space of JOY two major times.

The first time was in 2017 when I decided to start cleaning my life up and letting go of all the old stories and baggage.

And again this year following a major geographical/lifestyle move and the suicide of my beloved brother, Colton.

You only have to feel alignment ONE TIME. You will undoubtedly NEVER forget it. -WS

The path to alignment is:

  1. BE YOURSELF. Stop trying to be someone else. (The hardest part)

  2. Define your goals and values.

  3. Align with your goals and values.

  4. Make the decision to choose joy every time.

Those are super simple steps to a very difficult life path (depending on how out of alignment you are)

I started working out more.

So, rather than going straight into work mode as soon as I wake up... Now, I am waking up, meditating, walking (thanks to Mag-Bag), dancing, exercising, WRITINGGGG, and smiling.

I am choosing to do things that bring me joy.

I realized I am made to travel. I love to write and document my journeys and the stories I hear. I also love vlogging. People love watching my vlogs.

Funny because as soon as I texted my friend "I am a travel Vlogger", my other friend texted to ask if I wanted to go on a spontaneous weekend trip. Ummm. YES!

I believe in the Law Of Attraction. It's working in my life. It's not the only principle or law that I see playing out in my life, but I am using the concepts and it's going amazing.

Miracle Mindset, we'll call it.

Cheers to more blogs/writing, travels, and more authentic connections.

PS, if you're in KC- Sevena Wren Studios and I are launching our 3rd round of Women Empowerment Retreat. This is a donation-based event (as of now).

You can find updates about this on my IG: @WhitneySause

Or add it to your calendar below

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