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Value Driven Life

In 2017, life demanded that I establish and align with my values. I knew that if I didn't start living a purpose-driven life, I'd end up dead or in prison. (Yea, it was that bad.)

Yesterday, after listening to a Mel Robbins podcast episode that my therapist sent to me, I sent everyone in my circle a text and asked "What are your top 3-5 values?"

I got some inspiring responses and got to learn about my people (who they are today, anyways).

It is important to me to stay clear on my values and to be around people who share similar values.

Shout out to my mom. I know she values her family more than anything. She shows us that every single day. Not because she has to but because she wants to.

There is a book called Principles by Ray Daleo that I found helpful in my journey to discovering my values/principles and living an authentic life.

Anxiety is a guide.

Actually, all of our emotions are guiding us. They each have a message if we are willing to slow down, listen, and trust.

When we sit with our anxiety or discomfort long enough, we will start to see why it is there. We can listen to it and ask it questions. Pain or discomfort can guide us to our values.

Today, I challenge you to

Notice your emotions and thoughts throughout the day. Notice when you feel angry, anxious, sad, happy, etc.

Mindfulness is the entry point

Yoga, meditation, Breathing, journaling, and constructive conversation are all forms of mindfulness that can help you to become more self-aware.

With more mindful awareness, you can create space between yourself and your reactions. The benefit of that might be:

  • Living more authentically

  • Feeling more confident by embracing your values

  • Living intentionally (choosing your life instead of feeling bullied by it)

  • Avoiding fights

  • Not going to jail or getting any charges

  • Keeping the peace between loved ones

  • More inner peace/relaxation

  • Knowing your core values

  • Understanding the meaning of life

  • Feeling more fulfilled

As I sit at a favorite local coffee shop, listening to the song "Changes" by David Bowie, I am reminded of a concept that I have been contemplating often this week. That is, that we (humans) are ever-changing and evolving.


We are always the same, and yet somehow, never the same. We know the familiarity of someone's essence, but they are like a flickering candle flame. Always dancing, moving, and changing.

Remember to honor when people change and create space for them to feel safe to change.

Much love,


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