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Heal. Lead. Thrive.

Take your armor off and lead from your heart.

Key Benefits

Mindset Mastery

Develop a powerful and positive mindset and gain self-awareness. Enhance understanding and control of emotions.

Values Alignment

Discover your purpose, create fearlessly, and lead with authenticity and love.

Boost Confidence

Discover tools for self-assurance and learn to believe in yourself. 

Safe Space

Process in a non-judgmental environment with deep listening and purposeful questioning. 

Yellow Flower

The work we have done has allowed me to heal my relationship with my mom, really evaluate my relationship with alcohol, and get real with myself about it not aligning with my vision, lifestyle, and message. You have a gift of being able to relate and reflect oneself back to them.


Kansas City

I've been in therapy for over 20 years and have never seen improvements in my life at age 32. Therapists have never challenged my beliefs or way of thinking. I highly recommend Whitney.



Kansas City

I've been seeing a therapist for the last year. While I have made much progress in my mental health and understanding how I operate, I hadn't been able to make many strides toward my sense of self-worth. I lacked motivation and belief in myself to make my dreams a reality, until working with Whitney. 


Kansas City

Friends by the Lake

Our Features

Unlock your full potential


Tailored Coaching for Emotional Wellbeing

Awakening emotional wisdom, transforming past wounds, and nurturing inner strength to thrive through life's tests.


Communication and Self-Awareness

communication exercises that improve relationships and self-expression, while developing a deep understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, triggers, and behavioral patterns.


Mindfulness for Stress Reduction and Resilience

mindfulness practices and tools to enhance self-awareness, reduce stress, and build inner resilience, empowering you to manage emotions effectively.


Progress Tracking and Confidence Building

Stay on track with progress tracking and accountability tools, celebrating milestones and boosting confidence as you achieve personal and professional goals.


Supportive Community and Safe Exploration

Join a private online community of like-minded individuals on a similar growth journey, providing a safe space for processing emotions, exploring vulnerabilities, and fostering personal growth.


Holistic Wellness and Value-Aligned Leadership

Embrace a holistic wellness approach that integrates mind, body, and spirit, empowering you to lead from authenticity, integrity, and alignment with your core values, both personally and professionally.

Start Your Journey

Achieving a sense of emotional liberation and confidence

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