Hey, there! I'm Whitney

I collab with purpose-driven women to create more meaningful lives.


Why I Do What I Do

For me, life started ROUGH. Peace wasn't in my vocabulary. I went from a chaotic childhood into the military, which only made me harder.

The suffering was so immense that it finally cracked me open. My worldview shattered when I realized 

  • I am not my thoughts or my body

  • Everything is interconnected

  • Vulnerability is a superpower

  • You have to feel it to heal it

I have invested the last 5 years in my own self-discovery and the self-discovery of those around me. It is my purpose while I am on Earth to empower others to experience this same awakening so that they can live a life of peace and true fulfillment, rather than constantly seeking and trying to fill a never-ending well that only feeds the suffering.


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