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3-Steps to Achieve Personal Freedom

Updated: Jan 30

#1 Accept Where You Are

Where your attention goes, energy flows. If you are focused on where you want to be without accepting where you are, you are in the energy of lack. Lack will attract more lack. Accepting where you are is the first step to freedom. Something is nourishing that happens when you surrender to the present moment.

There might be changes necessary. I am not saying don't make changes. By accepting the present moment, you are also accepting the changes that need to be made for you to get where you'd like to be. You are in the present moment with gratitude and full responsibility, no matter who played a part in you getting to where you are in this moment.

By accepting full responsibility, you have the FULL power to make changes.

Having a daily gratitude practice is a radical way to accept where you are. Here are some of the gratitude practices that I have personally tried and liked.

  • Sit in silence and think of one thing that I am grateful for. Allow myself to feel it deeply in my body. Sit with the feeling as long as I can. (This is my favorite style)

  • Write one thing I am grateful for each day. Come up with a new thing every day.

  • Sit in meditation and feel gratitude for the first thing that comes to mind that I am grateful for. Feel it deeply as long as I can. When the feeling in my body fades, send love and gratitude TO the object I am feeling grateful for. Imagine how that thing/person might feel receiving the gratitude I am feeling.

  • Keep a gratitude journal and make a list daily. Braindump everything that comes to mind that I am grateful for. Sit with what my life would be like without all of these things.

  • Consciously choose harder paths to strengthen myself in areas where I am weak. For example, I practice writing with my non-dominant hand because it is challenging, and stimulating, and reminds me how incredible it is that I can write so fast and well with my dominant hand.

I recommend picking and trying one of these at a time. Try it out for at least 30 days before switching to another practice. Don't forget to notice what changes in your life!

If you only had tomorrow what you are grateful for today, what would your life look like?

(When I was struggling to feel gratitude, I would practice my morning routine without one of my senses. For example, I would keep my eyes closed or not allow myself to use my dominant hand while I showered.)

#2 Get Clear On Where You Want To Go

It can be tricky to get lost planning and fantasizing about the future. Stay in the present moment when you are planning for the future. Only project yourself into the future long enough to feel it for a moment and then immediately come back to the present and ask yourself "What are the steps that I need to take TODAY to move me closer to where I would like to be?"

You don't have to have your whole life plan. It will all unfold organically as you try new things. See as far as you can into the future. Where would you like to be in 3 months? 12 months? 3 years? 5 years? 10 years?

The more clear you can get, the more precise plan you can create. In my personal experience, I have always had a main target, but how I am getting there is constantly changing. Freedom is a top priority for me, so using my definition of freedom, it's easy to stay on track.

(Freedom to me is having the money to do whatever my heart wants to do, being able to help others in ways that feel great for me, and being able to make decisions and have options regarding my life.)

#3 Stick to the Greater Vision

The more clear you are on where you want to go and WHY, the easier it is to make those micro sacrifices for the greater goal. Delay temporary satisfaction in favor of achieving lasting success.

I was an alcoholic. Once I had a greater vision, alcohol fell out of my life without effort. I didn't have time for that shit anymore... I was literally too busy doing stuff that I loved.

It might feel like you're making some small sacrifices in the beginning. When you know where you're heading and why- those sacrifices won't feel sacrificial. It'll feel normal.

Stick to your greater vision by constantly revisiting it and refining it. You might even want to keep a log of your wins and progress to keep you motivated when shit gets hard. You can review this list for a hit of dopamine to get you back on track. (I am shamelessly addicted to dopamine. I had to rewire my brain for more skillful hits)

The greatest things we will achieve in our lives will not be the easiest. Life will keep trying you to make sure you are dedicated to the thing you say you want. (This might be a limiting belief that I still need to work through, but up til now it's been my experience. Just keepin' it real)


  1. You won't get far by rejecting your current moment. True freedom lives in the present moment. Accept everything as it is and decide what needs to change. One baby step at a time.

  2. Get as clear as you possible on where you want to go. Start defining and refining as you experience contrast in your life that is undesirable. (without avoiding things, that's a whole other blog)

  3. Stay the course. It might feel hard as hell at first, but with laser focus on your dreams (WHILE STAYING PRESENT AND GRATEFUL IN THE MOMENT- yes, I'm screaming- It's important) those sacrifices will feel like an awesome and easy trade.

If this blog has been helpful, lemme know in the comments. I strive to publish content that makes a positive impact on people's lives. It gives me that hit of dopamine to keep going when I hear my work is helping others.

I give a fuck about you, your success, and your wellness.


Whitney Sause

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