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Confidence Unleashed: Mastering Kickass Habits for Fearless Self-Esteem

Updated: Apr 2

Most people aren’t walking around telling you how you can feel more confident. The sad truth is that most people are doing the exact opposite. They’re trying to sell you some magic pill solution to make you better, which sends the message that you're not enough as you are. No material object is going to bring you the fulfillment you truly desire.  We're all seeking a feeling and the feeling comes from within.

Building confidence is a journey back home to your true self. Just like a mountain, it can be climbed in many different ways.

Here are some simple and practical habits that have changed my life and helped me to compare myself to others less, stop worrying so much about perfectionism, stop being so self-critical, feel less overwhelmed, and fearlessly pursue all of my goals.

Create a Morning Routine

A morning routine is the dynamite of all self-development practices. Most importantly, waking up with intention. If you don’t do anything else, do this one. Wake up, take a deep breath, smile, and set your intention for the day. Game CHANGER.

I also like to meditate, pray, practice yoga, journal my highest vision for the day or a note from my higher self, write affirmations, dance, work out, listen to spiritual music, read spiritual literature, burn incense/sage, and practice presence.

(I don’t do all those every morning, but I do at least a few of them.) Otherwise, if I don’t set my intention, I’m cursing by noon 🤓

Gratitude Journaling

Start your day by writing down three things you're grateful for. This will help you shift your focus to positive aspects of your life rather than the abundance of shit that isn’t going well. (I know there’s plenty of that).

Now, feel it in your body. Sit for a moment and look at what you wrote down. Imagine feeling the gratitude in your body. Can you sense where you feel it? (This might be a little advanced, but I trust that you can get there!)

If you need a daily planner with a spot for Gratitude, check out the one I use. (I am a paid affiliate!)


Affirmations are positive words or phrases that you say to yourself. I know these can seem silly and feel fraudulent, but they work. The idea is that you write down something positive. I like to mix in affirmations that I already believe with ones that I am still working to believe.

Example: I am a powerful creator, capable of achieving anything I can dream. I am a millionaire.

(I believe both of these, but only one is true as of today. Tomorrow might be different)

Not to get all sciency (I love science) but we have these little “highways” if you will, in our brains. These highways are created by thoughts that traveled along that path a ton of times. Grooves are created so that your brain doesn’t have to work so hard in the future.

You hear something, you adopt it as a belief, then your brain seeks evidence to support this belief, and BAM, you have a new highway in your brain.

Affirmations are like construction. You’re tearing down the shitty old highways in your brain and getting ready to build a WAY MORE ADVANCED travel system.

It’s okay if you feel like you’re lying through your teeth when you say an affirmation. Your brain will eventually start to believe the new affirmation and you'll find evidence. It’s like downloading new software for your hardware. 🧠

Mindfulness or Meditation

Meditation isn’t going to be perfect. You’re not going to silence all of your thoughts. What you will do is create s p a c e.

By sitting in silence, you are training your body and mind to be still. Stillness comes in handy when the world is testing you. Just a few moments of intentional stillness in the morning will create a whole bunch of space between you and whatever is triggering you. It slows down your thoughts and reactivity and helps you to feel safe and in control of your emotions. Which might keep you out of jail, and that's a win.

Okay- that's all I think you need for now. I'd love to pile a ton more on you but I am learning how to be a great teacher by properly sharing and simplifying!

If you need support in your journey to mastering your habits and confidence, please join our Private Women's Facebook Group where you can get to know me and other women on the healing journey.

Big love,


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